ThrowDown Syndicate


Cutting edge fusion group Throwdown Syndicate represents a culmination of the last 40 years of Hard Rock & Metal blended with the last 40 Years of Funk & Hip-Hop. The Washington DC trio was created with the purpose of melding the brutality of Heavy Metal with the lyrical skill and intensity of Hip-Hop. Now, you might be thinking, “Rap-Metal sucks,” but we're far from your ordinary rap or metal group. Introspection, self-awareness and technical proficiency are our guiding lights. You'll find no lyrics about “stacking paper,” no shameless self promotion over weak riffs, and certainly no mention of pining over a girl or any other assorted “whoo-baby” bullshit. Comparisons to “Lamb of God,” “Clutch,” and “Slipknot” are not baseless: unadulterated truth about societal ills, corrupt government, and the intentional dilution of critical thought form the cornerstone of our compositions, which are designed to expand the limits of the contemporary musical landscape and bring complexity and depth to the Rap-Metal scene. Our current lineup consists of 3 phenomenal musicians: Founder, guitarist, and vocalist James Reeves; power drummer Vlad Bayatian; and punk, funk junkie bassist, Brandon Mijares. Together we are the backbone of a new movement, Ghettometal. So keep a close eye on your block, because the Syndicate is taking over.